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Dongying Haixin Successfully Handover Drilling Rig Project

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山东群英会 www.znpbs.com   With the blessings of Christmas, Dongying Haixin engineer team and business team returned home in triumph. The return of engineer team declares the successful fulfilling of Haixin Kenya Drilling Rig Project.
  On 16th December, 2013, Dongying Haixin successfully finished commissioning and after-sales service for Kenya drilling rig project. After handing over the equipment to customer, Haixin has gained customer recognition and approval in Kenya. From the time of contract signing to project completing, Haixin and KenGen has worked wind and rain peers for three years together. This project is not only the beginning of long-term cooperation and mutual benefit between Haixin and KenGen; but also a symbol of forever friendship between China and Kenya!
  We believe that Haixin will go further and further in the exploration and development of Africa!

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