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Ethiopian Customers Visited Haixin

Number of visits: Date:2015-5-18 15:15

山东群英会 www.znpbs.com The Ethiopian customer representatives visited our company on May 13rd, 2015. Our chairman of the board and other senior leaders gave them a warm reception. The visit was mainly to have further negotiation on the next step of cooperation.


Accompanied by the chairman and other senior leaders, the customers’ visit focused on the drilling rig workshop and the 70D skid-mounted drilling rig on the platform. In the field trip process, they every now and then consulted issues on our company’s development and drilling rig products.

After the site visit, the customer representatives discussed the cooperation issue with the company leaders. They highly appraised our company’s development and the product quality, full of confidence for this cooperation. Believe our cooperation will be a great success.

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